Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zeta-Jones 'eyes Welsh film'

Catherine Zeta-Jones is reportedly planning to go back to her roots and star in a Welsh comedy.

The Oscar winning actress has found fame in Hollywood, starring in blockbuster films such as America's Sweethearts, The Mask of Zorro and Chicago.

But now Zeta-Jones is said to be considering taking a break from LA to spend some time in the Welsh valleys as she is reported to be in talks to appear in Bridge of Lies.

The Welsh film centres around villagers attempting to stage a local production of MacBeth after their budget has been spent on alcohol and sex.

A source close to the film said that producers are eagerly anticipating the star's response.

"We are looking for a role for Catherine," they said.

"Obviously, someone like Zeta Jones would be a big boost for us. She is reading the script as we speak."

Zeta-Jones is said to be so interested in the project that she is prepared to waver her usual multi-million pound fee in return for a cut of the film's profits.

Singer and TV presenter Charlotte Church, a fellow native of Wales, is also said to be in talks with the producers to appear in the film.

Bridge of Lies was written by Steve Spiers, the screenwriter behind the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.