Saturday, October 28, 2006

'Good loving' keeps Bullock inspired

Sandra Bullock made an interesting revelation into the secret of her professional success.

The stunning actress told the audience at the Hollywood Film Festival that bedtime with her husband is key to achieving her career goals.

When accepting an award at the festival, the actress said: 'I'd like to thank my boyfriend Jesse James, whom I happen to be married to.'

'You inspire me with the good loving you give me every day - and especially last night! Really ... you have no idea.'

The 'Crash' star also revealed a very un-Hollywood characteristic during an interview.

Bullock claimed that she loved to eat especially free food she gets at press conferences.

'When I come to meet the press to publicise my films, I get free food, so that's a day when I saved some money, which has to be a good thing!' she said.

The actress, who starred in and produced 'Miss Congeniality' about an undercover policewoman entering a beauty pageant, revealed her unusual secret for staying youthful.

'I didn't realise that putting haemorrhoid ointment on your face is acceptable in the beauty business. But apparently butt cream does help lines around the eyes,' the 41-year old said.