Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jolie faints for third time

Angelina Jolie has fainted for a third time in as many weeks, sparking fears for the actress's health.

The mother of three has lost conscience three times since arriving in India to film 'A Mighty Heart'.

'Angelina was in the middle of filming when something went wrong,' a source said.

Jolie, a UN goodwill ambassador, fainted twice in her hotel room in early October.

Her latest spell occurred while filming an emotional scene of the film.

'In it, her character, Marianne Pearl, learns that her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, has been killed by terrorists in Pakistan,' the source added.

'She literally collapsed while filming it.'

Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt have had a stressful time since arriving in India. The media has mobbed the superstars and their security has been accused of threatening and attacking waiting photographers.

Two E! Network journalists have also been fired after they allegedly trespassed on the couple's Hollywood property.