Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jackass 'actors' retire from the stunt life?

Fans of toilet humour and idiotic stunts could have to look elsewhere other than Jackass for their onscreen entertainment.

The MTV show and films feature a group of fun loving friends indulging in often dangerous stunts, but they have announced that they are now hanging up their helmets for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Tremaine, the director of the latest film from the franchise, Jackass: Number Two, told reporters at the Australian premiere that it would be the last film.

"This is it for Jackass, as far as we're concerned," he said.

"I'm not going to say never but right now we don't have a plan. This is our last hurrah as far as we know."

The show is responsible for launching the career of Dukes of Hazard star Johnny Knoxville.

Currently down under promoting the film, Knoxville told the Daily Telegraph newspaper that he has come along way professionally since the first film.

"I look back at the first one and I was like, I was f***ing lazy,' he said.

"We were in Florida 14 days and I showed up for like three days. I was drunk, and me and Tremaine got in a yelling fight. I wasn't professional, I was loaded every day.'

Jackass: Number Two hits cinema screens in the UK on November 24th.