Thursday, October 26, 2006

Doherty denies Rome punch-up

Pete Doherty has denied claims that he started a fight with an Italian photographer in Rome on Monday night.

The Babyshambles front man had performed a gig with his band in the Italian capital and was reported to have been involved in a scuffle outside the concert venue.

Newspaper reports described the singer as having blood pouring from his head while the photographer was taken to hospital to receive treatment. Doherty was treated by fans and band members.

But a statement issued from his spokesperson denied the claims that he had started the fight, saying: "Pete Doherty totally denies that he instigated a fight with a photographer in Rome.

"Reports that the photographer might make an official complaint will certainly interest Pete's lawyers, who can call on witnesses who clearly saw Pete being hit with a camera outside his hotel."

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that during the concert Doherty clashed with fans, causing him to brandish his microphone stand at fans in the front row.

Earlier this month Doherty's drug progress said to have slipped from being "impressive" to "optimistic-ish". He is expected to attend Thames magistrates court on December 4th for sentencing on drugs charges.