Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gwyneth Backs Brad

Staying mates with your ex is a real rarity.

And saying nice things about them in public is even harder.

So hats off to Gwyneth Paltrow, who still has kind words for her former fiance Brad Pitt.

Gwyn was full of praise for his acting talents after catching his latest movie, Babel.

"It's the best performance Brad's ever given," said Gwyneth, following the screening in New York.

The Oscar-winning actress is convinced Brad will bag an Oscar himself in 2007 for his role as a frantic husband trying to save his wife's life in Morocco.

Babel, which co-stars hunky Gael Garcia Bernal, is about the chaos that follows when a Moroccan boy accidentally shoots a bus of tourists.

Gwyneth said it gave her pause for thought: "It makes you want to take good care of your children," she said.
Brad Pitt

Helena Christensen, who also attended the screening, was full of praise too: "It's this year's Crash, don't you think?"

When we hear Jennifer Aniston's comments on the film, we'll pass them straight on