Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mix-up over Britney's baby

It turns out that Britney Spears' new baby is not called Sutton Pierce after all.

Sources close to Britney and her husband Kevin Federline had led the press to believe that the six-week old tot had been given the name by his parents, whose birth has never officially been announced by the couple.

But in further mystery surrounding the arrival of Britney's second son, it has been revealed that the baby's name is actually Jayden James.

The child's real identity was revealed on a birth certificate signed by his father, which was filed with Los Angeles officials earlier this week.

The certificate confirms that Jayden James was born at LA's Cedars Sinai hospital at 01:11 local time on September 12th just two days before Britney's eldest son, Sean Preston, celebrated his first birthday.

Official confirmation of the birth finally puts paid to a series of rumours that had surrounded the secretive arrival of Britney's new baby.

Before his birth, gossip magazines had been convinced that the star was expecting a girl after reportedly spying her stocking up on pink baby clothes.

Meanwhile, one rumour which Britney fans will be hoping is not true is that her husband Kevin is planning to make his Hollywood debut in a new hip-hop movie.

According to website, the wannabe star will appear in the musical Caught on Tape, which is being directed by rapper Sticky Fingaz.