Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Paris to model in India

Paris Hilton is adding another modelling job to her resume.

The celebrity heiress has participated in fashion shows in the past for big names such as Alexander McQueen and Guess, but now she is to turn her sights to eastwards as she has been signed to model clothes for designer Anand Jon in India.

The deal is said to be surprising to industry insiders as she has received a negative reception in India this year; her debut single Stars Are Blind was banned in the country as it was deemed as being too sexy for audiences.

However, according to Jon, Hilton has been undeterred by that reception and has been waxing lyrical about the specific type of Indian beauty.

"For her, India is the land of exotica and beauty," he told the Times of India.

"In fact, her response was: 'I finally get to visit the exotic'. She loves Indian culture and the Indian influence on clothes."

The publicity-loving star, who is as famous in the western world for being the star of the reality TV show The Simple Life as for her chaotic love life, is relatively unknown in India.