Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nicole and Liam to marry eventually

Nicole Appleton has revealed that she thinks of partner Liam Gallagher as her husband.

The singers, who started dating in 2000 and have a five year old son Gene, are currently basking in domestic bliss but eventually plan to make their union official.

'We will get married, of course we will. Absolutely yes,' Appleton told the Sun newspaper.

'We're pretty much married anyway and I call him my husband sometimes. We come as a unit. Wherever he goes, our son Gene and I go.'

'Having children together is a bigger commitment than getting married.'

Appleton, who became famous in the 90s in 'All Saints' with the smash hit 'Never Ever', has recently reformed with her band mates.

The blonde singer says that Gallagher encouraged her to go back to work.

'He has been totally supportive of me and the girls,' she said.

Gallagher, along with brother Noel, has built up a reputation as a wild man of rock and roll. Appleton's parents, however, are unfazed that the 'Oasis' front man will eventually be their son in law.

'My parents love Liam. They think he's so lovely,' Appleton said.