Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kate And Pete Say Yes

They are... they aren't. They are... but they aren't.

After all these months of speculation, we were wondering if Kate Moss and Pete Doherty would ever confirm the exact status of their relationship.

And now we know.

Yes, the supermodel and Babyshambles singer have - at long last - spoken out, and yes, they are getting married.

Absolutely, definitely, 100 per cent.

Thank the Lord, we can now rest easy.
Kate's ring

The couple confirmed the rumours at the Moet & Chandon party earlier this week, where they also reportedly serenaded each other in a karaoke room.

Karaoke? At a posh celeb party? We ask you.

Anyway, Kate said: "We are engaged," and Pete added: "We are getting married."

The news comes just in time for some hat shopping at the weekend.