Thursday, October 26, 2006

Aniston's a hit on Broadway

Jennifer Aniston has been praised by her fellow actors after she made her Broadway debut in a one-night only performance.

In the 6th Annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway actors such as Naomi Watt's boyfriend Liev Schreiber and Keiran Culkan were given one day to come up with a total of ten plays for viewing at the charity event.

Aniston, who made a name for herself as a sit-com star before crossing over into films, played a single woman in a skit entitled Three Girls and Bob.

"She's got chops," co-star Rosie Perez told People magazine.

"She said she had performed Off-Broadway. She's really, really good."

Actor Fisher Stevens added: "She was great. She came in and did her job. She was just one of the regular people."

Aniston has spent the past few weeks denying that she has ended her relationship with actor Vince Vaughn.

She officially denied any trouble in their romance to Oprah Winfrey on her talk show while Vaughn is suing the Sun, the Daily Mirror and the New York Post over claims that he had cheated on the former Friends star.