Monday, October 23, 2006

Court's Soppy Hubby

It's not enough that Courteney Cox is a beautiful, wealthy actress who got to star in one of the best sitcoms of all time.

Oh no. She also has a husband who thinks she's the bees' knees and elbows.

Courteney's hubby, David Arquette, whom she met when they acted in Scream together, is so bursting with love for her, he's decided to write about it on the web.

David has posted a weblog on his myspace site, sharing how much he loves her with fans everywhere.

He calls her his "pure sweet love" and credits her for being "the most honest and true person I have ever encountered".

How sweet? But that's not all.

He also writes: "She helped me to become a better person."

Tissue, anyone?
David and Courteney married in June 1999 and have a little girl, Coco, two.

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Anonymous said...

When they announce their split within the year it will be funny.