Monday, October 23, 2006

Hot Penelope wants boyfriend...Hm ...Why?

Penelope Cruz says she has become clucky since playing a mother in her latest film.

The Spanish star, who went back to her European heritage in the new film 'Volver', says that she is prepared to hold back on acting jobs to start a family.

Cruz, who has famously dated Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey, is currently single and optimistic about the future.

'In a few years, I want to have a family because I love children so much,' she said.

The stunning brunette, who found fame in the US after playing Cruise's love interest in 'Vanilla Sky', says she already knows that type of mother she will be.

'My parents gave me that freedom when I was so young and now I really value that,' she said.

'I know now I would be so protective and possessive of my children, because, I don't know what's gonna happen when my daughter is 13 and she tells me she wants to travel and work as an actress.'

She says realising now how hard it must have been for her own parents when she chose to live as an actress, she will have to remember the generosity of her mum and dad when she has children of her own.

Penelope is currently single but she has been linked to ex-love McConaughey and British actor Orlando Bloom recently.