Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paris and Lindsay "says" sorry

It appears that Paris Hilton has settled her differences with actress Lindsay Lohan, mending a rift that has lasted throughout the year.

The two A-listers' feud put a split through most of young Hollywood, forcing stars such as Mary-Kate Olsen to choose sides.

But Lohan, who was angered after Hilton was seen laughing in a video in which mutual friend Brandon Davis ranted that the actress was poor and unattractive, seems to have now forgiven the heiress.

This past week Hilton and Lohan flew into Las Vegas apparently for some fun and relaxation.

"Lindsay and I were sitting around in LA with no plans and no dates so we decided to just come to Vegas and party," Hilton explained.

"Lindsay and I are good friends and we both are single, solo and love Vegas, so why not on the spur of the moment just fly in?"

Vegas may be just the start of the fun for Lohan, who recently announced that she might take a break from making back-to-back films to concentrate on her life and travel.