Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jessica Simpson logs on for love

Divorcee Jessica Simpson is logging onto the internet in an attempt to find a mate.

The sexy singer, who split from husband Nick Lachey one year ago, has reportedly created a MySpace account under a different name in an effort to meet a man.

Simpson, who had a rumoured short-lived romance with singer John Mayer, has been feeling lonely and taking solace in anonymous internet dating.

'After she split up with John she set up a MySpace page to meet new people,' a source told More magazine.

'She did it in a fake name but got really into it. She's totally addicted. Whenever she's at home, she's on her laptop.'

The 'Employee of the Month' star has been vocal about the trouble she has finding a man since she split with Lachey.

The buxom blonde, who has topped many sexiest people lists around the world, apparently uses the internet to find someone who is attracted to her personality first.

'She pretends to be this shy Texan girl.'

Simpson's latest album, 'A Public Affair' documents her life since she became a single woman again.