Monday, November 13, 2006

Ms Dynamite's 100mph Crash

R&B singer Ms Dynamite is recovering in hospital after a high-speed crash in Sky One's reality show The Race.

The 25-year-old's car went spinning out of control after a collision at speeds of about 100mph.

The singer was conscious as she was airlifted to Northampton General Hospital.

A Sky One spokesman confirmed that she hadn't been seriously injured:

"All the signs are good. She's just very shaken. It was quite a violent collision, but the paramedics were straight on the scene."

Ms Dynamite
The crash happened after Ms Dynamite's car was clipped by fellow contestant Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC, during filming of the show's finale.

The collision sent Ms Dynamite's car spinning for 50 metres before it eventually stopped.

Ms Dynamite - real name Niomi McLean-Daley - is the second celebrity to crash on The Race.

Last week, Ingrid Tarrant (estranged wife of Chris Tarrant), flipped a £150,000 three-tonne truck upside down while trying to jump cars.

She suffered only minor injuries